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About us

Renewable adVenture is an investment platform in renewable energies and has the specific goal to develop, authorize, finance, construct and operate distributed generation plants, renewable energies’ storage and in addition to that electric mobility.​

Senior Executive Team

The founders that represent the management of the whole initiative as well, are the protagonist on the solar energy market. they claim a track record of project design, development, construction and ingieneering activities for more than 2,5GW plants worldwide, by collaborating permanently with the most prominent players on the international market.


Renewable adVenture intervenes all along the value creation of the supply chain:

  • Projects origination
  • Development
  • Construction
  • Generated energy’s commercialization
  • Operation and maintenance

Renewable adVenture benefits from experiences gained by the management over a decade and in light of 2,5GW projects in track record.


The 2030 agenda for sutainable development, adopted by all 193 united nations member states on september 2015, includes 17 goals: sustainable development goals (SDGs). Specifically the goal n. 7 focus is to ensure access to affordable, reliable, sustainable and modern energy. Renewable adVenture perceives this objective by offering the opportunity to invest in clean energy, in particular the solar, promoting energy efficiency.

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